Pet Dermatology

There’s nothing to fear about visiting a vet for pet dermatology care. Our team at Niwot Veterinary Clinic in Niwot, CO, answers some common questions to help ease your mind and know what to expect. 

dermatologist of pets

What Exactly Is Pet Dermatology?

Pet dermatology is similar to dermatology for humans. It is a field that studies, evaluates, diagnoses, and treats skin conditions and diseases of pets.

What Types of Pet Dermatology Conditions Can We Treat?

Some of the common issues treated by pet dermatology include:

    • Food, environmental, and flea allergies
    • Issues or conditions of the ears
    • Dermatitis
    • Parasites
    • Hair loss
    • Skin infections
    • Abnormalities of the foot pad
    • Nail diseases
    • Autoimmune skin diseases
    • Chronic itching
    • Inflammatory skin issues

What Types of Services Does Pet Dermatology Entail?

We offer a variety of services that may differ among providers. We can offer allergy testing and diagnostic testing to provide a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

From there, we can prescribe medication, recommend and perform surgical procedures, and provide at-home care instructions to help improve your pet’s condition.

It can be important to come for routine wellness exams so that your pet can be checked over for any diseases that he might be developing. During these exams, we can check your pet for skin conditions and other health problems so that he can get the treatment that he needs to get and stay healthy. Don’t let your pet suffer when he doesn’t need to.

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