Heartworm Test

Heartworm Testing at Niwot Veterinary Clinic

Heartworm is a condition that can put your pet’s life at risk if not caught and treated promptly. Getting fast and accurate heartworm testing from your veterinary hospital is vital for keeping your pet healthy and protected. Niwot Veterinary Clinic in Niwot, CO, can check your pet for heartworm and provide prompt treatment to ensure it lives a long, healthy life. Continue reading to learn about the importance of heartworm testing and what tests we can do to check for heartworm.

Heartworm Test

Why Is Testing Needed?

Diseases from heartworms can be lethal if left untreated. They can get into the heart through the bloodstream, resulting in congestive heart failure. Additionally, heartworm is rarely noticeable in the early stages. Testing from your veterinarian is crucial for catching heartworm before it leads to severe health complications. Your pet may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms when heartworm reaches the advanced stages:

•           Fatigue after physical activity

•           Coughing

•           Refusal to exercise

•           Weight loss

•           Rapid breathing or other breathing problems

•           Fluid accumulation in the abdomen

Heartworm testing allows our vet hospital to catch and treat heartworms early on. Early detection and intervention help improve the outlook for your pet. Also, we may need to make sure your pet does not have an active infection before giving them a heartworm preventative.

Heartworm Tests for Adult and Immature Worms

Checking for adult parasites usually involves an antigen test to show the presence of female worms. These worms typically show up several months after an infection begins. A false negative can occasionally occur due to the contamination being new or only male adult worms are present. Concentration and filter tests are necessary to detect young heartworms in these instances. These can catch young heartworms early on before they grow and cause severe health problems. Our veterinarian will then provide prompt treatment and preventative care to protect your pet from heartworms and significant health complications.

Other Ways We Check for Heartworm

Our veterinary hospital can use other methods to detect these worms or evaluate your pet’s condition if it already has an infection. These tests may include any of the following:

•           Blood tests to check kidney and liver function

•           X-rays to check the heart and lungs

•           Heart ultrasound to assess the heart’s condition

•           Electrocardiogram to check for heart problems

Once our veterinarian detects heartworm in your pet, they will provide medication and preventative care to kill the heartworms and protect your pet from them in the future.

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The early detection and treatment of heartworm is crucial for preventing significant and life-threatening health complications in your pet, so contact Niwot Veterinary Clinic in Niwot, CO, to get your pet tested for heartworm today. Call us and schedule an appointment with our vet at (303) 652-2194 to keep your pet healthy and happy.