Eye Injuries in Pets

Your pet's eyes play a big role in their expressions and how they communicate with you. They also serve as essential tools for their navigation of the world around them. Unfortunately, just like us humans, pets can have accidents that result in eye injuries requiring professional help. Instead of a traditional doctor, your pet needs to see an experienced veterinarian to get the help they need. Here in Niwot, CO, we are proud to be a trusted veterinary hospital that provides expert care in both emergency situations and routine ones. Continue reading to learn more about eye injuries and how Niwot Vet Hospital can help your pet overcome them. 

eye injuries of a pet

Common Causes of Pet Eye Injuries

    •    Trauma: Physical trauma, such as an accident, fall, or collision with something else, is the number one cause of eye injuries in pets.
    •    Foreign Object: Sometimes, something small like a leaf, dust, or other foreign object can get lodged within a pet's eye, causing injury and irritation.
    •    Scratches: Even friendly play can result in an accidental scratch to your pet's cornea, potentially leading to a serious eye injury.
    •    Chemical Exposure: Some chemicals can irritate the eye, leading to injury.

Common Signs of an Eye Injury

Not all eye injuries are readily apparent. Some common symptoms that suggest a pet is suffering from an eye injury include:

    •    Excessive blinking and squinting
    •    Redness and inflammation
    •    Pawing or rubbing at the eye
    •    Watery eyes or eyes that have become cloudy
    •    Sudden sensitivity to light
    •    Abnormal discharge or pus

Getting a Veterinarian's Diagnosis and Treatment

If you notice any of the above symptoms or are unable to flush an irritant out of a pet's eye, you'll want to seek expert advice. Common treatment options for an eye injury in a pet include:

    • Flushing: Thoroughly flushing the eye will help dislodge foreign objects and clear out any discharge.
    • Medications: In some cases, antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications may be needed to treat an infection and reduce surrounding inflammation. Some medications may also be prescribed to help manage any pain your pet might be experiencing due to the eye injury.
    • Surgery: In cases of severe eye injury, your vet may recommend surgery to repair a physically damaged eye.

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