Metabolic & Endocrine

Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders in Pets

If you're concerned about metabolic and endocrine disorders in your pets, and you're in the Niwot, CO, area, getting in touch with us at Niwot Veterinary Clinic can help get your questions answered. Not only that, but we can test your pet for these disorders and look for common symptoms that could indicate problems in these areas. By working with our vet hospital, you can get your pets diagnosed and treated quickly, so they can get the help and support they need to feel better.

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What Causes Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders?

The endocrine glands and metabolic system work together to keep your pet stable and healthy. If something goes wrong with your pets’ endocrine system, or if they have metabolic problems, that can mean the development of conditions like thyroid disorders and diabetes. Since these conditions are serious issues that shouldn't be ignored, you'll want to bring your pets to a veterinarian for help. Genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors all play a role in the development of these concerns.

What Symptoms Should You Look for?

Symptoms of metabolic and endocrine problems include rapid weight gain or loss, excessive hunger or thirst, lethargy, and a general feeling of malaise. While there may be other, more subtle, symptoms in your pet, most people notice that the water bowl is emptying a lot faster than it used to, or their pets look heavier when they aren't being fed more than normal. Taking your pets to the vet when you notice these kinds of symptoms is the best way to protect and care for their health.

How Can a Veterinary Hospital Help?

A vet hospital can help by testing your pet for metabolic and endocrine disorders, such as diabetes. Finding out if your pets’ metabolic systems are working correctly gives your vet a starting point for diagnosis and treatment. If there's a problem with their endocrine systems you may need to give them daily medication, so they can get back to feeling like themselves again and continue doing all the things the two of you enjoy for the future.

Get Support from a Veterinarian Today

If you're in the Niwot, CO, area and you need a veterinary hospital, contact us today at Niwot Veterinary Clinic. We want to help you and your pets have more time together. Getting them treatment for metabolic and endocrine disorders can help with that. We're here to diagnose and treat your pets, to provide you with more peace of mind.